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Timesheet Module Demo

The Timesheet Module is a DotNetNuke module which provides functionality for hour registration.

Hours are registered on a per-week basis, and are organized by universe (e.g. 'Projects', 'Absence' etc). Universes may be added and configured by users who are granted the appropriate permission. Each universe supports up to 10 dimensions (data fields), which allows users to associate data values with a row in the time sheet. Dimensions may be added and configured in the same way as universes, and are assigned a specified data type. A dimension can also be configured to display a dropdown list of predefined values. This is accomplished by utilizing the UserDefinedTable (UDT) module. After populating an instance of the UDT module with data, said instance can be referenced from the configuration page of the Timesheet Module.

The Timesheet Module provides a set of custom permissions, accessible from the Settings page. From this page it is possible to assign the following permissions:
  • Timesheet User (permission to register hours)
  • Edit Module (permission to manage universes/dimensions)
  • Edit All Time Sheets (permission to view and edit the time sheets of other users)
The status of a time sheet is either Open, Closed or Finished. The following permissions reflect possible transitions between these statuses:
  • Lock Open Timesheet
  • Finish Open Timesheet
  • Open Locked Timesheet
  • Finish Locked Timesheet
  • Open Finished Timesheet
  • Lock Finished Timesheet

All instances of the Timesheet Module within a site share the same data content.

  • Configurable universes/dimensions
  • Support for time limitation of universes/dimensions
  • Support for 8 different dimension data types
  • Custom permissions

Known Issues
  • Less than satisfactory visual presentation, especially in DNN 4.9.0

Future plans
  • Improve visual presentation
  • Utilize css
  • Provide proper documentation

Comments would be greatly appreciated.

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